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Brother Andy Leveto name Alpha Affiliate

Congratulations are in order for Brother Andy Leveto, ΔA 1280, and now A 587, for his selection as an Alpha Affiliate!

As a chapter, we can think of few individuals more deserving of this honor. During his time as a collegiate member, Andy served as Marshal, Eminent Commander, and Greek Week Chairman, and he excelled in each of these roles.

We wish Andy all of the best in his endeavors as an alumnus of the chapter.

Brothers Nich Barron and Curtis Obert win competition

Congratulations are in order for Nich Barron and Curtis Obert, who along with three other team members won first place in this year's Saint-Gobain Design Competition. Their invention, a reusable temporary patch for potholes, wowed the judges over other strong entries.

The winnings for the competition are being used to help commercialize the invention, which has already garnered the attention of public utilities and media outlets around the nation. The exact formulation is a secret, but the pouches are filled with a non-Newtonian fluid which is able to conform to the pothole, but instantly solidifies when a vehicle drives over.

Brother Lupton Named Greek All-Star

Congratulations to Brother Keith Lupton, DA 1305, for receiving the Greek All-Star Award for Leadership from the Interfraternity Congress and Panhellenic Council. The following is the write up that will appear on the Greek Life webpage:

"Keith Lupton, a graduating senior member of Sigma Nu and engineering physics major, has been involved in campus leadership for the last five years. He was a member of Undergraduate Student Government, serving on the finance committee and winning the Outstanding USG Member award. He served in the Emerging Leaders Program, the Thwing Study Over Committee, the Little Blue Book Committee, Student Ambassadors and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Lupton founded Pizzalympics on campus and helped to expand the program into what it is today. He is a member of Who’s Who and was last year’s Homecoming King."

Orientation Leaders 2011

Recently, six brothers were selected to be on the 2011 Orientation staff. Brothers Matt Root (DA 1257), Andy Leveto (DA 1280), Kevin Moeller (DA 1291), Royce Hunter (DA 1298), and Nich Barron (DA 1307) will be Leaders this summer, while Brother Peter Schiraldi (DA 1283) is on the Executive Board.

Congratulations to these brothers!

Brother Hilgeman Receives Fulbright Scholarship

Congratulations to Brother Nicholas Hilgeman, DA 1241, for receiving the Fulbright English Teaching Assistant-ship to Egypt. The Fulbright Scholarship is a grant given by the Department of State, with the goal to increase cultural awareness worldwide. Created by Senator J. William Fulbright in 1946, it is considered one of the most prestigious award programs available to students today.

Nick, a recent graduate of the DA chapter, will be living in Egypt from August till May the following year, where he will work with students at a nearby university to help them practice their English skills. In addition, he will also put on presentations about American culture to the local students at the University, in an effort to foster knowledge about life here in the states.

Nick plans to take full advantage of the opportunity to advance his Arabic, both by continuing classes he took in Arabic here at Case Western and by immersing himself in an entirely Arabic country. In his free time, he intends to practice the tabla, a type of Middle Eastern drum played primarily with the fingers and palms.

Congratulations again to Nick for this very honorable award!

Brothers Elected to Student Government

Congratulations to brothers Steve Cummins, Mike Iannitti, Max Weber, Eben Via, Jared Hamilton, Shengbo Wang, and Brad DuBose for their election to the Undergraduate Student Government!

Brother Cummins will serve next year as the Vice President of Academic Affairs. Brothers Iannitti and Weber will both serve as Weatherhead Representatives, brother Via will serve as an Engineering Representative, and brothers Hamilton, Wang, and DuBose will all serve as Arts & Sciences Representatives.

Brother of the Month

Congratulations to Neil O'Brian (DA1271), who received the Brother of the Month award for October.

Neil led the effort at Case to get students out to vote. Regardless of someone's party, Neil worked to make sure as every student was registered and given the opportunity to vote.

In all over 1300 students were registered. Additionally, Neil worked to get "utility bills" for student use on election day and arranged for Greenies to transport students for early voting. Over 400 students took advantage of the early voting because of this.

It is an incredible achievement and one that really showcases the values that Sigma Nu promotes.

Come see Mark Cochrane and his band!

Mark Cochrane (DA1232) has recently starting playing with his band at the Euclid Tavern every other Wednesday night. It is always a fun show, so if you have free time, come see them play!

They next play on Wednesday, November 5th.

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Tyler Allen recognized as Brother of the Month

Congratulations to Tyler Allen (DA1259) for being recognized as Brother of the Month for September. Tyler unceasing desire to help and support brothers is a testament to how strongly he believes in and showcases our values. On more than a few occasions, he has put aside what he was doing for hours on end to help brothers in need.

Tyler is a great example for all our brothers and congratulations again to him for the award.

Case Engineers Council

Geoff Peyton was recently chosen as the Vice President of the Case Engineers Council. In this position he will be working to organize all of the engineering student groups for E-Week 2009.

If you have any ideas or comments on past E-Weeks or a good idea for an event, let him know!